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Interrail One Country Pass

Explore more of your dream country by rail


Don't just scratch the surface of a European country you're visiting. Seek out its secret hideouts, get close to famous landmarks and dive into the local culture. A mobile One Country Pass lets you uncover more of your chosen country by giving you unrivalled access to its trains and attractions.

You have 30 Interrail One Country Passes to pick from. Where will you go?



Our all-time bestsellers:

View over Siena in Italy



Discover the beauty of Italy, from ancient Rome to the beautiful towns of Cinque Terre – plus you can now go paperless with a mobile Pass.


Prices start from €144

Intercity Swiss Train in Summer



Travel on Europe's most scenic train routes in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy the views of lush green valleys and majestic mountains covered in snow.


Prices start from € 144

The square in the center Brussels

The Benelux


See the windmills in the Netherlands, eat waffles in Belgium and discover picturesque Luxembourg with this Interrail Pass.


Prices start from € 119

View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris



If you're looking for amazing culture and art, delicious food and incredible nature, France is the place to go. 


Prices start from € 144

View of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany



Explore charming castles, historic old towns and modern cities. You'll find it all in beautiful Germany.


Prices start from € 170

Fjords in Norway



Enter the scenic Scandinavian wonderland, with dense forests and impressive fjords. 


Prices start from € 167


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For some trains, like night trains and high-speed trains (for example the Caledonian Sleeper, Alfa Pendular and TGV), it's mandatory to reserve a seat. These reservations are not included in your Interrail Pass. You can buy them through our Reservation Service for 95% of the trains in Europe. 


Try and book your seats as far in advance as possible, for most trains you can do this up to 3 months in advance. This is especially recommended if you are taking popular trains, are traveling in a bigger group or are traveling in high-season. 


It's also possible to avoid trains with seat reservations all together, by traveling by regional train. Regional trains may be slower, but they're a great way to discover smaller towns and villages. 

Each Pass includes


✔  Up to 8 days of rail travel*

✔  Unlimited trains each day

✔  Valid for 1 month

✔  Includes traveller discounts


*Our Greek Islands Passes only offer 4 or 6 days

Choose a One Country Pass


✔  Explore 1000s of destinations in a single country
✔  Enjoy the freedom and convenience of rail travel
✔  Take a trip that's totally unique to you
✔  Connect with people and places along the way

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