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How it works

How long is a travel day?


A travel day ends at 23:59 CET of the day you travel, on which you can take all the trains you want!


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Can I cross the border?


Yes! With this Pass, you can explore all of Germany and travel to some cities in Austria, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.


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Am I ready to board with a Pass?


Most local and regional trains- yes! But you’ll need to reserve seats to board most high-speed, international and night trains. Popular trains fill up fast, so book early!


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Conditions of this Pass

General conditions for everyone
  • A German Rail Pass is valid for travel with Deutsche Bahn and other participating train companies.

  • You cannot order a German Rail Pass if you live in Germany. Read more

  • You cannot use the German Rail Pass to travel to or from Germany or any of the included destinations outside of Germany. This Pass is only valid for travel with participating train, ferry and public transport companies in Germany and some participating international trains. Read more.

  • A 1st class Pass is valid on both 1st and 2nd class coaches. 2nd class Passes are only valid in 2nd class coaches.

Additional conditions about our promotional Passes

Passes included in the Autumn Special Promotion: 

  • Flexi Passes: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, and 15 days within 1 month.
  • Continuous Passes: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, and 15 days.
  • Adult and Youth Passes. 


Start date of the Promo Pass:

Travel instantly with the mobile Pass! All German Rail Promo Passes are valid for travel from 2 October 2023. 


Sales period: 

German Rail Promo Passes are on sale until 9 December (the last possible travel day is 29 February 2024). 


Last activation date of the Promo Pass: 


Flexi Passes: The last possible activation date is 1 February 2024 for all Flexi Passes. 


Continuous Passes: The last possible activation date depends on the validity of the Continuous Pass:

3 days in a row: The last possible activation day is 27 February 2024

4 days in a row: The last possible activation day is 26 February 2024

5 days in a row: The last possible activation day is 25 February 2024

7 days in a row: The last possible activation day is 23 February 2024

10 days in a row: The last possible activation day is 20 February 2024

15 days in a row: The last possible activation day is 15 February 2024


Last travel date of the Promo Pass

You cannot use the Flexi or Continuous Promo Passes for travel after midnight on 29 February 2024. 


Refund and Exchange Policy

The refund and exchange conditions honour the standard refund rules (in other words, Promo Passes are 85% refundable). 

Additional conditions for Youth travelers

To travel with a discounted Youth Pass, you must be aged from 12 up to and including 27 on the start date of the Pass.

Additional conditions for adults with children
  • Children under 4 travel for free and do not need an Interrail Pass. You may be asked to sit a child under 4 on your lap during busy times.

  • Children aged 4 to 11 travel for free with a Child Pass. A child must be accompanied at all times by at least one person with an Adult Pass. This doesn’t have to be a family member and can be anyone over 18.

  • Up to 2 children can travel with 1 adult. For example, when 2 adults are traveling, they can take 4 children with them. If more than 2 children are traveling with 1 adult, a separate Youth Pass must be purchased for each additional child.

  • Children under 12 travel in the same travel class as the accompanying adult.

  • Travelers aged 12 to 27 can travel with a Youth Pass.

German Rail Pass


With the German Rail Pass you can travel all over Germany, and some destinations in other countries, with one rail Pass! Find out all about the discounts, benefits and other things that come with the Pass.


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